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Icon Solar-En Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is located in central India. We manufacture and distribute solar panels in India as well as in other countries. We provide comprehensive solar solutions for Solar rooftops for home, solar-powered pumps, solar power plants, solutions for highways, public infrastructure such as airports and railways, forests, and government buildings. Our products are BIS, IEC, and ALMM accredited and listed. We provide solar modules ranging in power from 40 to 660 watts. Our product lines Rig, Saam, Yajur, and Atharva are classified according to the amount of energy each panel generates. We fully support renewable energy sources. Our greatest asset is the quality consciousness and vitality of our team, which is a result of both youthful talent and industry experts. We are ecstatic to be a member of the in-demand industry for manufacturing solar panels.

Mission & Vision

To emerge as the leading service provider of clean, cost-effective and state-of-the-art energy solutions by harvesting the iconic power of the sun.


We are committed to provide ingenious solutions towards energy conversion and storage, to find its dynamic applicability in residential,commercial and industrial usage globally. Achieving our ideal of creating profitable energy efficient value for our customers, shall encompass a holistic approach imbibing lnnovation, industrlousness and lntegrity.

    Our Strengths
  • Global Vision.
  • Successful Business Heritage.
  • Strategic Location.
  • Latest World class Technology in Production.
  • Best Input materials for optimum output at affordable prices.