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Poly Crystalline Solar PV Modules

DCR and Non DCR Solar PV Modules, operates well in high temperatures and low light.

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Mono Crystalline Solar PV Modules

High efficiency, require less space to integrate, have a longer life span, and outlive their warranty.

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Roof Top Full Package

Get the best solar rooftop solutions delivered to your home for installation.

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Power Plant Integration

We organize your energy generation. Our finest techs can plan and execute your project.

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Solar Pump Integration

Best for Irrigation and Farming, Our powerful solar panels provide the most energy with any pump and controller.

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About Us

A formidable company leading in high quality solar panel production also offering EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) services.

Energy Efficiency is what we do


Icon Solar-En Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is located in central India. We manufacture and distribute solar panels in India as well as in other countries. We provide comprehensive solar solutions for Solar rooftops for home, solar-powered pumps, solar power plants, solutions for highways, public infrastructure such as airports and railways, forests, and government buildings. Our products are BIS, IEC, and ALMM accredited and listed. We provide solar modules ranging in power from 40 to 660 watts. Our product lines Rig, Saam, Yajur, and Atharva are classified according to the amount of energy each panel generates. We fully support renewable energy sources. Our greatest asset is the quality consciousness and vitality of our team, which is a result of both youthful talent and industry experts. We are ecstatic to be a member of the in-demand industry for manufacturing solar panels.

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Solar panels are able to harness the sun's rays and turn them into electricity. when it comes to solar panels,We have the finest options available across Indian market. our polycrystalline products are then further divided into four subsets, each representing a distinct set of functions and power levels:

  • RIG- 40-75 wp
  • SAAM- 100-150wp
  • YAJUR- 200-335wp
  • ATHARVA- 335-350wp

We also have monocrystalline solar panels available in addition to polycrystalline ones. Each solar cell in a solar panel is an isolated silicon crystal grown for that purpose. They generate power in the range of 400-660 wp. Monocrystalline solar panels have the potential to generate the maximum electricity, even in areas with lower solar radiation.

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We engage with you to recommend and deploy an SPV that matches your utility consumption and project requirements.

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